Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to sign up?

Can I skip setting up an account?

Is my information safe?

Will you bombard me with emails?

Next, list the things you need.

Whatever you want your friends and family to help you get, list them all, attach respective features, fill their price and you are almost done.

What types of event can I use unboxd for?

Can I list items from a vendor?

Can I list an item without a picture?

Can I delete an item later?

Then, generate a custom link and share your wishlist

Each unboxd event gets a custom link that your loved ones can use to view the items you have listed and then make part or full contribution for you to purchase the item. For even more convenience, unboxd lets you share directly to Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

Where can I share my list to?

Is my wishlist hidden or open to anyone?

Can I restrict access to my wishlist?

Finally, start practicing the money dance 🕺🏽

After you share your list with your loved ones anywhere in the world, you can begin to receive part or full payment for any of the items on your wishlist. The contributions received will be saved securely in your wallet and be available for immediate transfer once you request to payout.

Hint: Always follow up with your loved ones so your needs remain top of mind.

Where are my contributions kept?

Are there limits on withdrawals and contributions?

How secure is the unboxd wallet?

How do I withdraw the contibutions?

What does it cost to use unboxd?

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